• why choose a Foam-In-Place Packaging Cushioning System ?

    why choose a Foam-In-Place Packaging Cushioning System ?

    The EC-711QuickPack System is ideal for protective void fill, blocking and bracing products and cushioning during the shipping and handling process. Foam-In-Place Packaging Cushioning System is safe, comfortable and intuitive to use, EC-711QuickPack System maximizes packaging productivity and eff...
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  • Quickly place the expanding in bag of foam packaging system

    How to reduce the damage rate of products? Cargo damage is because the product in express delivery, logistics transportation will encounter a variety of collisions, bumps, stacking, extrusion, throwing and other careless will make the product damaged, to reduce the rate of cargo damage to do a go...
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  • What kind of products is foamed packaging suitable for?

    Expanding foam packaging system is easy to use and can make anyone a packaging expert in just a few minutes. foam in place has many uses and can be used to pack product packages of almost any shape, size and weight. Foamed on site, fast packaging, it takes a few seconds to customize protective pa...
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  • Zhuangzhi QuickPack Expanding Liquid Foam Packaging(QuickPack EC-711 manual foam packaging system)

    The unique foam-in-bag process is one of the most effective cushioning, custom instant spray foam packaging solutions available.  Technologically advanced but amazingly simple to use, the foam-in-bag instantly molds to the shape of your product and expands to fill the vo...
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