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Polyether polyol is used in packaging Standard Specification: 213kg/drum

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Product Description

Polyether polyol is used in packaging
Standard Specification: 213kg/drum

Chemical Properties

Packaging foam  Density Application
ZB-06 5.1kg/m3 void fill, Light cushioning
ZB-17 17kg/m3 All purpose cushioning, molding
ZB-712 10kg/m3 Heavy-duty cushioning
ZB-23w 23kg/m3 High-performance cushioinng
Insulation foam  Density Application
ZY-2 35kg/m3 Such as the plate used for insulation
ZY-3 25kg/m3 Cup, fridge, water heater, solar energy products
sush as in sulation and thermal insulation
ZY-3Z 25kg/m3 Cup, fridge, water heater, solar energy products
such as in sulation and thermal insulation

Information on ingredients  

Polyurthane resin 90.5 Glycol
Silicon oil   2 Water

Quickpack B Storage

1. Store in a cool,dry and ventilating place.
2. Keep out of the direct sun; Keep away from heat source and water source.
3. The storage time of original packing is 18 months.

Eenvironment-friendly material

Two 55-gallon drums of liquid components when combined can create a trailer-truck load of packaging material.
Environmentally Sensible Packaging - QuickPack foam packaging complies with the environmental requirements of RoHS and other international institutions.

PU expandable foam packing chemical materail A B liquid
pu foam liquid is a kind of economical and practical packaging material .The polyurethane foaming packaging machine help to fully mixed pu foam polyol and will be automatically expanded to full of whole package. 360 degrees no dead corner, protection is perfect. It can improve packaging efficiency,and achieve the best packaging effect and improve product image. (If you need foam machine contact us)

Company Strength

Shenzhen Zhuangzhi Technology Co., LTD. was established in 2004 and has been producing Pu foam packaging machines for 18 years. We have domestic leading research and development ability in Pu Foam packaging systems, as well as industry-advanced level in forging, electric pump, mature and stable computer  of software control and quality control abilities.

Zhuangzhi currently has more than 50 workers and more than 20% are with Masters or Doctor’s degrees.We have obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate many years ago.

Zhuangzhi owns more than 20 patents of technological inventions and software copyrights.

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